How Safe Is Your Elevator Ride?

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Octboer 25, 2023How Safe Is Your Elevator Ride?

Riding on an elevator should be one of the safest forms of travel in the world. This is because, the elevator systems are designed with multiple redundant safety systems in place to prevent a catastrophic failure of a passenger elevator.

However, these systems only work if they are properly maintained and monitored. What we have found, time and again, in elevator litigation is that, partially due to a reliance on multiple safety systems, and partially due to greed, elevator maintenance companies set up contracts to perform preventative maintenance on elevators and then don't do the work. Then, when the elevator systems start to break down, rather than fix underlying problem and bring the elevators back up to the industry standard requirements, the maintenance companies will simply return the elevators to service until the breakdowns happen again. It is in these situations where a more serious malfunction can occur, causing life-changing injuries to people who simply walked onto an elevator they believed was safe.

We have handled elevator malfunction injury cases across the country, and we have found that these elevator injury cases almost always revolve around disputes related to inadequate maintenance, or lack of proper safety measures.

Another important aspect of elevator litigation is the elevator maintenance contracts. When property owners and elevator maintenance companies have contractual agreements, conflicts can arise regarding the quality of service or adherence to safety standards, or disputes over pricing and responsibilities. It is important to understand the requirements under these agreements and, more importantly, how these agreements were implemented. Did the companies do what they were supposed to do to protect the public that are invited into their buildings?

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